University Services

As evidence of the commitment of the University to its community and especially to its students, it aims not only to offer quality education but also to develop the services and support structure needed to contribute to the integrated and comprehensive development of the students. In this respect, in addition to the spaces and venues dedicated to culture and the arts we also have an intensive sports program with all the adequate installations, programs for health and for promotion of a healthy lifestyle, student counselling services and a system for student transportation.

University High Performance and Sports Complex

This complex occupies an extensive area in the Ciudad Universitaria campus and provides venues and facilities for practicing various sports and a program for training outstanding youth who show special aptitudes or abilities to excel in the sports activity of their choice; it also offers courses and activities for the community at large.
Located with in this complex are the University Stadium, the team house for the Lobos team which is our Division “A” soccer team and the Sports Center “Ignacio Manuel Altamirano”. In addition there’s a baseball stadium, soccer and American Football fields, basketball, volleyball, racquetball and tennis courts, swimming pools, a gymnasium and rings, cages and specially conditioned spaces for the practice of martial arts and contact sports.

Student counselling, support and the promotionof a healthy lifestyle

Through the office for student support services, Dirección de Acompañamiento Universitario, a number of programs have been created for student support and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle which include the installation of Units for Health Promotion, programs such as Comida Sana (healthy eating), Vida Saludable (a healthy lifestyle) and Lobos en Movimiento (Lobos on the move) as well as a support system to provide immediate attention to students with emotional or behavioral problems, as well as programs designed to prevent drug consumption and violence.

University Transportation System


The University Transportation System (STU) was developed to support students incommuting to and between the different city campuses. The system comprises a networkof routes which cover a large part of the greater Puebla area and provide service at lower rates than urban commercial services.

Lobo Bus and Lobo Bike

In order to facilitate mobility of both students and staff within the Ciudad Universitaria campus and to promote a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle, the community is encouraged to park their cars and use the free shuttle service known as Lobo Bus which has three separate routes which cover all the different areas of that campus. In addition, there is the Lobo Bike system, which provides loaner bikes for quick, easy and safe transportation on or around campus in specially designed bike lanes.

University day care “The Children’s Circle”

The University Children’s Circle provides day care services for the children of teachers and administrative staff. It receives children as young as three months up to six years of age and provides services in five areas: health,psychology, social work, pedagogy and nutrition.

This is the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, an institution committed to scientific, technological and humanistic development, through a strong vocation of service to studious youth and to society, aiming to promote the education of competent and responsible graduates, research pertinent to national development and solid links with its environment.
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla 4 sur 104 Centro Histórico C.P. 72000 Teléfono +52(222) 2295500 ext. 5013
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
4 sur 104 Centro Histórico C.P. 72000
Teléfono +52(222) 2295500 ext. 5013