Research,outreach and technological development

Each year, the university through the Vicerrectorate for Research and Graduate Studies funds research projects in all areas of knowledge. At the moment 411, projects are being carried out with internal funding. Additionally, our researchers compete regularly and are awarded external research grants either through national agencies such as the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (Conacyt) or from international agencies and institutions. This vigorous research activity covers all fields of knowledge in science, technology, humanities and the arts.

Periodically, academic personnel are evaluated according to their achievements in research and those who meet the required levels and indicators are inducted into the national research system, Sistema Nacional de investigadores (SNI) established by Conacyt or the institutional roster of researchers, Padrón Institucional de Investigadores de la BUAP. At the moment, 469 researchers belong to the National Research System (SNI), while the Institutional Roster has 695 members in the following research areas organized into Higher Education Divisions (HEDs):

• HED of Social and Economic-Administrative Sciences: 86
• HED of Exact Sciences: 121
• HED of Natural Sciences: 181
• HED of Engineering and Technology: 123
• HED of Health Sciences: 66
• HED of Education and Humanities: 118

Research is carried out in all fields of knowledge. Of the 411 projects to receive internal funding in 2014, 255 belong to the Subprogram for Consolidated Researchers (Levels I, II y III of the SNI); 46 belong to the Subprogram for the Consolidation of Young Researchers (Candidates to the SNI), and 110 belong to the Subprogram for Research Development.

A priority objective for the University is to achieve an effective linkage between teaching, research and the needs of society. In order to achieve this, the academic staff are organized into nationally recognized groupings called Cuerpos Académicos (academic bodies) organized according to the common interests of its members around particular areas and lines of research. Many of these groups participate in turn in regional and/or national research networks with similar groups from other national universities, which leads to the establishment of inter-university links and the joint coordination of interinstitutional and interdisciplinary scientific research providing synergy for the production of more robust research results.

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
4 sur 104 Centro Histórico C.P. 72000
Teléfono +52(222) 2295500 ext. 5013