Research and the development of scientific vocations

One of the principal tenets of the University is to effectively link research and teaching in order to foster the development of scientific vocations in students. In addition to the everyday teaching and research activities carried out in classrooms and in laboratories, the University has structured several programs designed to motivate students to engage in research activities while at the same time obtaining a fellowship by participating as research assistants in the internally funded projects of the members of the BUAP Padrón de Investigadores.

In the last twelve years, several different programs have been developed to this end:

Young researchers. This is a 12-week research internship for undergraduate students during which time students collaborate with an established researcher who functions as Project Director, and they carry out a research project of their own under his or her tutelage.

Summer of Talents. This is a program for secondary school students from all of the state of Puebla to carry out a fourweek internship at BUAP, under the guidance of a recognized researcher, in any of the disciplines cultivated at BUAP.

Hands-on science. (La Ciencia en tus Manos). A six-week internship for undergraduate students carried out over the summer intersession, under the tutelage of a researcher from the Padrón de Investigadores de la BUAP.

In addition, students can participate in regional and national programs such as:

Summer of Scientific Research sponsored by the Mexican Academy of Science through which undergraduate students from all over the country spend seven weeks at the most prestigious research centers and institutions in the country among which is the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla.

The Dolphin Program. An interinstitutional summer research program created in 1995 by a consortium of institutions in Mexico’s Pacific coast but which now encompasses over 81 higher education institution sall over the country, allowing for mobility and exchange of students and researchers.

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
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Teléfono +52(222) 2295500 ext. 5013