In order to carry out its substantive activities in teaching, research and cultural extension, the University has acquired and is constantly developing the required infrastructure and physical installations to accommodate its growing needs.

The central university building is the Carolino, which is the original building which first housed the University from its creation. It is located in the Historical Center in downtown Puebla. It was the principal site for the university until 1969 when the Ciudad Universitaria campus was developed. Today it is the main Administration Building and is the venue for official university functions and for the meetings of its governing body, the University Council.

Of particular prominence because of their artistic beauty and historical significance are the Salón “Melchor de Covarrubias”, also known as Salón Barroco because of its impressive stucco and woodwork decorations, its carved reredos and choir-stalls dating from the XVIII century, as well as the Salón Paraninfo, whose pulpit and choir gallery is one of the most beautiful in Puebla.

Before 1968, university installations were limited to the Carolino in the Historical Center and the buildings which housed the University Health Complex and the Faculty of Medicine. The inauguration of the Ciudad Universitaria campus increased physical installations by 44 thousand square meters.

From 1969 to 2004, constructed physical installations increased 63.23% by the addition of 282 new buildings which totaled a surface area of 343 thousand 935.98 square meters. An important policy for the expansion of the physical plant consisted in the rescue and restoration of older buildings of great historical and architectural value in the Historical Center of Puebla. Among these are the building which housed the Jesuit College of ´Saint Hieronymus, the old Academy of Arts of the city, a historical building known as the Hotel de las Diligencias (Stagecoaches), the Casa de los Muñecos and the old custom house “Aduana Vieja”. This last was in ruins and was completely restored and reconstructed by the University following original plans as much as possible.

In the last three decades of the XX century, the physical plant increased by the addition of the first buildings outside the city with the addition of the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Hydraulics Engineering and the Preparatory schools in Tecamachalco and Atlixco. From 1999 on, because of the regionalization program, there was an acceleration in growth and development of physical spaces both in the regional campuses as well as through the construction of new buildings in the city of Puebla.

Worthy of particular mention among the constructions of the last 14 years are the University Cultural Complex (CCU), the Central Library and the University Stadium. Around the CCU a number of additional constructions were carried out to house the Faculty of Communications, the School of Arts, a building for the Central Administration (Rectoría) and a recreational outdoor facility known as “Parque del Ajedrez” (Chess Park). In addition, the University undertook the complete remodeling and renovation of the University Hospital.

Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla 4 sur 104 Centro Histórico C.P. 72000 Teléfono +52(222) 2295500 ext. 5013
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
4 sur 104 Centro Histórico C.P. 72000
Teléfono +52(222) 2295500 ext. 5013